This pattern is an idea I had around the same time as my mini ghost and small turtle. I really like making smaller versions of my bigger pattern and I though my jellyfish would translate well to a smaller version.

It is a small amigurumi great for a quick gift or to add to your collection. It works up rather quickly and is satisfying to make.

If you’d like a pdf version of this pattern, it is available for purchase (3.00 CAD) on my Ravelry page!


  • 4.5 mm hook (also works great with a 5.0 mm hook)
  • Stitch markers
  • 6 weight yarn (in this pattern I use 2 colours of Sweet Snuggles Lite by Loops & Threads):
    • For the body: between 25 g and 35 g
    • For the tentacles: between 10 g and 30 g
    • For the final edge : between 6 g and 10 g
  • Safety eyes 14 mm
  • Polyfill

Pattern notes

This pattern is worked in rounds, so it is important to mark the last stitch of each round with a stitch marker.

If no number is provided in front of a stitch, do one.

The pattern is using US terminology.


  • R : round
  • (…) x n : do what is in the parenthesis n times
  • YO : yarn over
  • inc : increase
  • dec : invisible decrease
  • st : stitch
  • ch : chain
  • slst : slip stitch
  • sc : single crochet



R1: In a magic ring, do 6 sc. (6)

R2: 6 inc. (12)

R3: (sc, inc) x 6. (18)

Add a stitch marker in the last stitch of R3.

Tentacles (make 6)

For the tentacles, the starting chain should be a little bit tight, so it curls more easily.

ch 21.

R1: inc in the second chain from the hook, 19 inc.

Cut the yarn and pull through.

Attaching the Tentacles

Now we need to attach the tentacles to the base, to do so, I will use a sewing needle, but it does not require sewing.

You what to put them in the last round leaving two stitches between them. I put my first one in the last stitch of R3 and then go back ward, leaving two stitches between each tentacle. Basically, I put one in each of the second sc in each increase of R3.

Here’s an image which shows you all the stitches I will go through:

The technique is simply to take the tails from the tentacle and pass on the right of the stitch and one on the left (from the right side of the base to the wrong side), then tying them together. This knot will not be visible. Then cut the two tails leaving one inch of yarn.

Here are a couple of images to help you through these steps:


R1: In a magic ring, do 6 sc. (6)

R2: 6 inc. (12)

R3: (sc, inc) x 6. (18)

R4: (2 sc, inc) x 6. (24)

R5: (3 sc, inc) x 6. (30)

R6-R10: 30 sc. (30)

R11 : (3 sc, dec) x 6 (24)

R12 : (2 sc, dec) x 6 (18)

Add the eyes between R7 and R8, 8 sts apart.

Add some polyfill (we will also add some later, but here, try to get a nice round shape like this:

Attaching the Base

To attach the base, will use single crochets. Here are the steps:

  1. Take a stitch from the body and a stitch from the base.
  2. YO, pull through the two stitches (2 loops on the hook).
  3. YO, pull through two loops.
  4. Take the new stitch from the body and the next stitch from the base.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until all the stitches are done.

I usually start with the first stitch of R12 of the base and the last stitch of R3 of the base (to one we marked earlier).

I provided below some images to help guide you:

Now we have one round left:

((sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc), sl st) x 9

Before this round is completely done, I like to add a little bit more stuffing to finalize the shape.

After this round is complete, we it shut.

Adding details

For this amigurumi, I like to add some cheeks, but no smile, I think it makes it cuter!

You’re all done! This makes a very cute desk companion. If you liked this pattern, you can always show your support by following me on Instagram, I always post about the new patterns I am releasing!

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